Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will outline the data/information that is collected by this website while you are on it.

When it is collected

Your data/information may be collected during/while:

  • Login
  • Commenting
  • Liking

What is collected

The data that may be collected:

  • Login:
    • Email
    • Username
    • Avatar
  • What documents were liked/commented on

How it is stored

For authentication/login this website uses a library called next-auth (v4) which is a secure open source library for managing third party SSO/OAuth. This website only has Discord authentication enabled so information that the user gives permission to be shared and that is shared by discord may be stored (e.g, email, username, avatar).

The underlying database that powers the API and next-auth service is hosted on Heroku and accessed via the Prisma Cloud Data Platform where the details are only available on the production instance of this website away from prying eyes and protected from someone attempting to get access to data via a pull request (which are automatically deployed by vercel, but not to production)

Open source

Palia community is open source on GitHub. The repository is currently not public as the website not finished enough to allow pull requests or other contribution methods. Until Palia community is public, you can contact me directly on Discord at Floffah#6791 or via email at

Palia community is licensed under the open source license MIT


Palia community is a website that collates known information about Palia's development and in the future will contain information about how to do certain in game activities plus information about all entities and items.


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